Stan Smith’s expertise on Economic Damages has been sought out for years by numerous venues all over the country. Below is a partial list of video testimonial clips from seminars, trials, mock trials and news networks.

Annual meeting of the American Bar Association

Speech and Mock Trial
Humans aren’t just mere economic machines. In an ABA/TIPs speech, Stan emphasizes the enjoyment of life is far greater than our net earnings capacity.
Hedonic Damages Tips

Larry King Live CNN

"The Price of Happiness"
Stan explains the importance of hedonic damages in Larry King Live.
Importance of Hedonic Damages - Live on Larry King


American Law Institute-American Bar Association Round table discussion: "Hedonic Damages: Litigating the loss of enjoyment of life."
Monetary/financial losses vs. Losses in the enjoyment of life. Stan details what losses are included in hedonic damages.
What losses are included in Hedonic Damages

Arts & Entertainment Network

How does the government measure hedonic damages in a plane crash? Stan explains the imperfect system of compensating the loss of lives and crash victims’ psychological distress.
How does the Government Measure Hedonic Damages in a Plane Crash

NBC Report

"Lack of Safety at Railroad Crossings"
In an investigative report, Stan reveals the railroad industry’s lack of economic incentives in preventing fatality accidents.
Lack of Economic Incentives in Preventing Accidents in the Railroad Industry

Driggers vs Detroit Edison

Stan explains his analysis in a defense deposition for a class action suit.
Class Action Suite Analysis 

Bradley vs Zachary

Personal Injury Case
Smith testifies for a plaintiff in a personal injury case.
Stan V. Smith Personal Injury Case Testimony

46th Annual Advocacy Institute Seminar

Bridging theory and practice. Stan’s lectures on the importance of applying economic theory into courtroom practice.
Stan V. Smith Lecture on the Importance of Economic Theory

Michigan Trial Lawyers Association Winter Seminar Lecture

"Special Economic Issues"
Stan discusses how to turn speculative issues into tangible, economic information the jury can consider.
Discussion on How to Turn Speculative Issues Into Tangible, Economic Information

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